Toyota Class Action Settlement (Canada)

The claim submission deadline for the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Class Action was
September 29, 2014. Claim forms are no longer available.


Payment Timelines for Eligible Cash in Lieu of BOS Claims


The Claims Administrator has until April 17, 2015 to issue payment.  Please see FAQ 13 for more details.


Background to Settlement


Click here to read the Press Release. Please note that the settlement has been approved by the courts in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.


A number of Toyota owners have sued Toyota, alleging that their vehicles were affected by a defect that can cause unintended acceleration. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of hundreds of Canadian Toyota consumers. It has now been settled, meaning that the Toyota owners have accepted a package of benefits in exchange for discontinuing the lawsuit.


To see a list of vehicles covered by the Settlement Agreement click here.


The settlement includes:


•  A Customer Support Program that will stand by the reliability of the vehicles by providing prospective coverage for repairs and
adjustments needed to correct defects in materials or workmanship in the vehicle's (i) engine control module; (ii) cruise control switch; (iii) accelerator pedal assembly; (iv) stop lamp switch; and (v) throttle body assembly, at no cost to the owner or lessee if any of those parts fail, break, or malfunction. The Customer Support Program will last for ten (10) years after the expiration of any existing warranty for each of the covered parts, subject to a maximum limit of 240,000 kilometres, except that each eligible vehicle will receive no less than three (3) years of coverage from the date of final settlement approval (regardless of when the underlying warranty expires and your vehicle's mileage);


•  Free installation of a Brake Override System (BOS) to provide an added measure of confidence in the safety of Toyota vehicles;


•  A cash payment of $62.50 for owners whose vehicles cannot be equipped with BOS or are not eligible to be equipped with BOS; and


•  A Toyota-funded Automobile Safety and Education Program, which will make relevant US research available in Canada, and will fund five

   scholarships at Canadian engineering schools totaling $600,000.


The settlement does not involve claims of personal injury or property damage. Click here to see the full version of the Settlement Agreement.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the Claims Administrator toll-free at: 1-855-823-0650. Services are provided in both French and English.


What are my options?


You have several options, outlined below:


options ClaimForm optout


How do I make a claim?


The claim submission deadline for the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Class Action was September 29, 2014. Claim forms are no longer available.


How do I Opt Out?


You are no longer eligible to Opt Out as the deadline for completing and submitting an Opt Out Form (April 29, 2014) has passed.


I didn’t receive a notice about the settlement. Where can I find the notice?


The postcard notice can be found here, and the long form notice can be found here.


Who is eligible to make a claim for $62.50 cash?


If your vehicle is listed below, you may be eligible to make a claim.


Model Model Years
4Runner 2001-2002, 2010
Camry 2002-2006
Camry Solara (2AZ) 2002-2008
Camry Solara (except 2AZ) 2004-2008
Celica (2ZZ) 2003-2005
Corolla (except 2ZZ) 2005-2008
Corolla Matrix (except 1ZZ 4WD, 2ZZ) 2005-2008
FJ Cruiser 2007-2010
Highlander 2004-2007
RAV4 2004-2005
Sequoia 2001-2007
Sienna 2004-2010
Tacoma (5VZ w/ETCS-i) 2003-2004
Tundra (except 5VZ) 2000-2006
Tundra (5VZ) 2003-2004
Yaris Hatchback 2006-2010
Yaris 2007-2010
ES 2002-2006
GS 1998-2010
GX 2004-2010
IS 2001-2005
LS 1998-2010
LX 1998-2007
RX 2004-2009





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